Running Launchpad with Chameleon Template EngineΒΆ

  • Need to pull the following dependencies into sourcecode:
    • lp:sourcecodegen/trunk
    • lp:chameleon.core/trunk
    • lp:chameleon.zpt/trunk
    • lp:z3c.ptcompat/trunk
  • Run launchpad with PREFER_Z3C_PT=true make run to enable Omitting it or setting to false will disable and use zope.pagetemplate instead. Yes, it’s that simple. This is possible thanks to z3c.ptcompat.

Other useful environment options for

# in debug-mode, templates on disk are reloaded if they're modified
CHAMELEON_DEBUG (default: false)

# disable disk-cache to prevent the compiler from caching on disk
CHAMELEON_CACHE (default: true)

# if eager parsing is enabled, templates are parsed upon
# instantiation, rather than when first called upon; this mode is
# useful for verifying validity of templates across a project
CHAMELEON_EAGER (default: false)

# in strict mode, filled macro slots must exist in the macro that's
# being used.
CHAMELEON_STRICT (default: false)

# when validation is enabled, dynamically inserted content is
# validated against the XHTML standard
CHAMELEON_VALIDATE (default: false)